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Advanced Wildlife Control, LLC has many different traps and trapping techniques. Most all of our traps are live traps. Live trapping is benefit to all, even when the animal control target is a skunk! When a live trap is used, we have the opportunity to relocate the problem animal. Your pest is removed and your problem is solved.

When skunk control is necessary (as it was recently in Flushing Mi.), the skunk traps we use are safe and humane. Animal removal is assured and we havenít ever had a single skunk spray while in a trap.

Our trappers are experienced and knowledgeable in all areas of animal damage identification and animal control in Genesee County Michigan. A lot of our groundhog trapping business is in the urban areas of Flint, Burton and Grand Blanc. We get quite a few calls for woodchuck removal and woodchuck control in the Davison and Fenton areas also. Woodchuck trapping takes skill and patience and a good eye for the proper trap location. Groundhog control and groundhog removal calls start pouring in when garden damage starts to occur. It seems that our Wildlife Removal experts are busy trapping groundhogs during the day and working on bat removal during the night.

Many times we get a pest removal call that involves squirrel control and squirrel removal from Flint or Grand Blanc Michigan. Although many homeowners try, squirrel trapping is a difficult job. A Wildlife Control technician that has been trained in pest control can be your best friend when it comes to a squirrel trap in an attic! Animal damage problems are often simple animal control projects that have been neglected by homeowners.

Flint Michigan sure has itsí share of Bird problems. We get bird control calls throughout the year and bird removal from some very strange places! Pigeon control in Flint is handled by our pigeon removal specialists and they impress with their pigeon trapping skills!

We use the same size trap for opossum trapping as we use in our raccoon control and raccoon trapping. opossum removal is fast and humane. Many people ask us about possum trapping and possum removal. It is the exact same as oppossum trapping!

Whether the animal control project we take on is a raccoon removal, a skunk removal, or an opossum control task, we do the job the way we would want it done at our houses in Swartz Creek Michigan!

Yes indeed we trap cats! Cat trapping is a lot like skunk trapping or raccoon trapping. With the proper baits, the cat trap is placed with care to catch the feral cat. Complete cat removal includes taking the wild cat away and advising the homeowner how to avoid animal problems in the future.


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