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There are two scenarios that usually occur just before we get a call to remove bats.

The first scenario is the homeowner that finds a bat flying around inside their house. Sometimes it is in the middle of the night and the person has just awakened to find a bat in the bedroom. Other times a call is generated when a bat decides to start flying around the living room in the early evening.

Don't Panic! Give us a call!

We remove bats in the middle of the night almost weekly!


 The second scenario is the homeowner that watched a colony fly out of the house through a vent or other small opening. These bats can be evicted and sent packing in a matter of days. Advanced Wildlife Control technicians do not use pesticides or chemicals! Our methods do not require these! Our trained Wildlife Control Technicians can handle any size bat colony! We funnel the bats out and they cannot get back in!

Note: Colonized bats cannot be evicted during their "maternal phase." because the young bats are not old enough to fly and would die in your home. Maternal colonies form towards the end of May or first few weeks of June. The babies are old enough to be evicted towards the beginning of August. We would be happy to inspect and advise you of the time frame for your home!


Bats are predominate carriers of rabies. Not all bats have rabies - actually very few have the virus. The very nature of bat colonies helps spread the virus once one bat is infected.

NEVER pick a bat up! There is NO CURE for rabies once you are diagnosed with the disease!

Rabies can enter a victimís body in a variety of ways. The most obvious is when the infected animalís saliva is introduced through a bite or scratch. Also, if the saliva simply comes into contact with the mucus membranes of the eyes, nose or mouth, infection can also occur.

Rabies in Michigan, Genesee County    

  Notice the high concentration of rabies cases in and all around Genesee County!!!


That map is from 1997. Since then, confirmed rabies case have skyrocketed! 

 Genesee County, Oakland County, Livingston County, Lapeer County and Shiawassee County have all had confirmed rabid bats in the last two years!!!




HELP! I have a bat in my house! What do I do now?

  Do not kill the bat!

Don't panic, but don't touch the bat! Bats have razor sharp teeth and absolutely will bite you if you try to handle them! Try to confine the bat to one room by shutting the doors and windows to that room. A towel can be placed at the bottom of the door to stop a bat from coming out through the bottom.

Leave the lights on. The bat wants out and really doesn't care if the lights are on or not. Bats know what time of the day it is! Leaving the lights on simply helps you and our Wildlife Control Technicians see where the bat is!

If a bat lands somewhere, leave it alone. An undisturbed, visible bat is much easier to remove than a bat that is hiding because it was disturbed.

ANY bat that is found in a room with someone sleeping, a mentally impaired person, an unattended child, or an intoxicated person should be checked for rabies. The person should seek medical advice.

Call a Wildlife Control professional immediately.




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2006 was a busy year for Bats in Genesee County, Shiawassee County, Livingston County and Lapeer County. In Genesee County, we had calls about bat control and bat prevention from Grand Blanc, Swartz Creek, Flint, Fenton, Linden, Clio, Burton, Flushing, and Davison. The Lapeer County bat removal calls came mainly  from Metamora, Lapeer, and Millington. Shiawassee County Bats targeted houses and attics in Owosso, Durand, and Perry.

We had situations with bats in bedrooms, bats in basements, and bats living in barns. Calls came in to have us remove bats that were hanging on walls, bats that were flying when we arrived, and also dead bats. Most bat calls involved evicting bats from attics. Occasionally we found bats that were living in the walls of a house and started the eviction process. Bat Guano is a big problem when it accumulates in attics. Cleanup of the bat droppings and odor control is an important part of any bat removal project.

Not all bats leave during the Winter months and we are anticipating the calls for bat removal that normally come in during January and February.

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