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Bats in her underwear!


We received a call one night about 1:30 a.m. about a bat flying around in a bedroom in Burton. When I got to the house there was a very nice looking young lady standing in the driveway wearing a bathrobe. She was scared to death and her husband was working. She followed me into the house and showed me the closed bedroom door. I slipped inside and started the search. The bat was no longer flying and I looked in all the likely spots. I finally found the bat nestled in clothing in a partially opened dresser drawer. I removed the bat and took it outside where the lady was waiting patiently. She was happy that I had it in my hand but she didnít come even a little bit close!


When I explained where I had found the bat she asked me to show her. When I pointed the spot out she looked really spooked and asked if I had checked the other drawers. I had not as they were not partially opened. She then asked if I would check every drawer and also pull out the contents. I explained that I had found the bat and asked if she had seen two? She replied that she did not see two but wasnít going to take the chance. As I sorted through her underwear looking for an improbable second bat, I thought to myself that I probably have the only job in the world that pays good money to inspect a strange womanís underwear!


No other bat was found and we did a follow up bat inspection in the next few days. A small colony was living in her attic and we were able to exclude them. Another satisfied customer!


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