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Nesting above a patio

Dangerous nest!

Problems birds can cause


   The clogged exhaust flue in the center picture resulted in a nice warm place for the birds to nest. It also resulted in carbon monoxide flowing directly into the home. Carbon monoxide displaces oxygen and if you breath it continually, it will kill you! Birds are opportunistic and will make a nest anywhere that provides them with shelter from the elements and security from predators. They cause damage to homes by forcing their way into poorly screened gable vents and small openings in soffits. Once they move in they pull in a tremendous amount of nesting material. These birds have been known to spread diseases to humans such as histoplasmosis, encephalitis, salmonella, meningitis, toxoplasmosis, paratyphoid and many more. Mites and parasites live in the nesting material and can eventually move into other parts of the home.

   Advanced Wildlife Control, LLC Technicians will rid your home of birds. We specialize in removing nesting materials and sanitizing the area for you. Don't take the chance that the birds in your house are infecting your family or creating a serious health concern!!!  

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