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There goes my Catch Pole!

We get calls occasionally from people that have problems with dogs. Sometimes they are their own dogs and sometimes they are strays. The Genesee County Animal Control will come get the dogs during business hours, but on weekends and the off hours people can rely on us. We got a call from a lady in Flint that had a Rottweiler that had come onto her front porch. The dog would not respond to her and she would not go outside until it was removed. I approached the dog and it watched me as I ascended the steps of the porch. Once on the porch I placed my catch pole around the dog’s neck and just started to tighten it up. I didn’t get a chance to get it too tight. The dog took a huge leap off that porch, bypassing all the stairs, and took off running down N. Saginaw Street. I watched in amazement as the dog bound out of sight with my catch pole bobbing up and down as it matched the rhythm of the dog. I searched for a while but finally had to write that catch pole as “missing in action.” The woman was happy and didn’t much care about the pole, as long as the dog was long gone!


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