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Frequently Asked Animal Removal Questions















































































































I hear noises in my attic. What could it be?

The most common pests found in Michigan attics are bats, raccoons, birds, mice, and squirrels. We can generally determine what you have based on the type of noise you are hearing and what time of day you are hearing it. Of course, we will be 100% certain once we do an attic inspection!



Does your company use poison?

Advanced Wildlife Control utilizes humane trapping and wildlife removal techniques, without the use of poison.




Will moth balls force an animal to go away?

We wish we kept count of all the animal removal jobs that we have been on where the homeowner has tried to force the animal away by using moth balls! If moth balls or any other substance was effective in removing nuisance wildlife - WE WOULD SELL IT! Trapping is still the most effective method to satisfy our customers in the shortest amount of time!



Is there anybody that will drive to my house and remove a nuisance animal for free?

We get that question almost weekly. The bottom line is that gasoline costs money. Education costs money. Equipment costs money. Advertising costs money. Permits, licenses, and certifications cost money. And lastly, time is money. You get the picture. There is no government agency or local business that will work without pay. If you want the job done and done right, you get what you pay for. We feel that our prices are fair and reasonable and hundreds and hundreds of happy clients have agreed with us about this!




What do you do with the animals that you catch?

Advanced Wildlife Control has several animal release locations to suit our needs. We guarantee that the animal that we take away from your home will never be back! Occasionally an animal has to be euthanized. Our wildlife control technicians have been trained in the most humane methods and follow all AVMA guidelines.



How many traps will you put out for my problem animal and how long will you leave them there?

Advanced Wildlife Control technicians use a variety of traps and equipment in the course of their day. Each job is different and our technicians will size up the situation and determine the amount of traps to be used. We have never criticized a technician for using too many traps! Once we get the job, we want the animal problem taken care of as much as you do! As for how long traps are left, that also depends on the situation. If our traps are not solving the problem in short order, we may try different techniques to capture the nuisance animal. Either way, we want you happy with the results!




Your technicians set a trap over here and I think it would be better if it was over there. Can I move the trap?

Advanced Wildlife Control technicians have been trained to take several factors into account when determining trap location. Some of these include safety factors, potential animal damage, animal welfare, animal habits, and potential non-target catches. With all these factors and more being taken into account, we do not allow the homeowner to move traps. This issue is discussed with homeowners at the onset of the job. If we find that the traps have been tampered with, we will stop wasting our time and pull the traps.



Will you call before you come out to my house?

Absolutely! We feel that it's terrible to be held hostage to a delivery man or repair man that is coming between 9 am and 5 pm! We give you a time that you can expect us and we stay in contact with you. If we are running late, we let you know. If our day is going well and we can be early, we will call to be sure that you are home and ready to start the job.





I borrowed my neighbors live trap to catch a raccoon and caught a skunk! Will you help me with this?

We get a lot of calls like this and are always glad to help! With a small service fee, our wildlife technicians transfer the animal from your trap to our cage and take the animal away. Occasionally we need to take your trap with us. In these situations we will return your trap in a few days. Your trap will be cleaned and heat sterilized upon return.




Do you charge extra for Weekends and Holidays?   What about calls during non-business hours?

Callers to Advanced Wildlife Control find that we take the same days off that the animals do - never. We also keep the same hours as the animals - around the clock! Our pricing structure is fair and reasonable and we charge the same rate no matter what the day or time is.


















































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