Animal Damage in Michigan

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Advanced Wildlife Control, LLC Pictures

We enjoy taking pictures of our work and some of the things we come across!


Baby Coon playing peek-a-boo     Flint, Michigan

Raccoon Baby

Bat Entrance - Grand Blanc, Michigan

Bat Entrance

Raccoon on Rooftop - Davison, Michigan

Raccoon in Chimtrap

Raccoons at the door!

Raccoons want in!

Raccoon and Skunk Picnic!

Animal Picnic!

Skunk eating from the  trash

Skunk eating trash

A night shot of raccoon eyes

What Lurks in the dark.....

Pet Bird escaped - Montrose, Michigan

Rescuing Pet Bird

Pigeons - Flint, Michigan

Useless Owl Decoy

Pigeon Roost - Flint, Michigan

Pigeons bombing


Pigeon Nest - Flint, Michigan

Gaps between sign and building invite pigeons to take up residence

Animal Damage Entryway - Clio, Michigan

Common entryway for Nuisance Animals

Attic Raccoon Entrance - Clio, Michigan

Raccoon Entrance

Squirrels Internal View of Soffit - Grand Blanc, Michigan

Internal Soffit Picture

Pigeon Control - Flint, Michigan

Pigeon Stuck in Chimney

Nightime Raccoons

Think they were just passing through?

Raccoon Damage - Durand, Michigan

Raccoon Damage

Attic Raccoon Damage - Fenton, Michigan

Raccoon Attic Damage

Attic Raccoon Damage - Shiawassee County, Michigan

Raccoon mess in Attic

Raccoon Toilet Area

Raccoon toilet area

Raccoon Latrine Area in Attic

Is this in your attic?



Raccoon Damaged Attic - Durand, Michigan

Another attic demolished by raccoons


Raccoon Damaged Attic - Durand, Michigan

Hazardous insulation due to raccoons


Bat Inspection Toad, Grand Blanc, Michigan

Found this guy while doing a bat inspection


Skunk eating pet food. We live trap in Michigan!

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