Animal Damage in Michigan

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Advanced Wildlife Control, LLC Pictures

We enjoy taking pictures of our work and some of the things we come across!


Bat Guano - Owosso, Michigan

Bat Droppings on porch

Bat Droppings on porch

A closer look at Bat Droppings

Close up Bat Droppings

Bat Droppings Close up

This is a common entryway for a lot of animals!

A Common Entryway

Raccoon Baby

Baby Raccoon being cautious

Baby Raccoon Playing

Baby Raccoons love attention!

Baby Raccoon taken from Chimney - Davison, Michigan

Smile for the camera. He sure sounded mean!

Young Raccoon looking for Mom

Baby Raccoon looking for Mom

Long Way Down

Looking down a chimney

Raccoon Nest

I see Fur!

Chimney Caps prevent this situation!

Mother raccoon notices me

Smoke Shelf provides and excellent spot for raccoons

Another Mother raccoon

The Chim-Trap does not fail!

The Chim-Trap

Chimney trap set to catch a raccoon

Chim-trap all set to catch a raccoon

A pile of Raccoons!

I know she's down there

Raccoon Mother

Mother raccoon takes a peek

I want this raccoon in the trap!

Mother Raccoon decides it's time to come up

Here comes the raccoon

Getting Closer!

two feet from the trap!

Almost in the trap!

One more picture of a Chimney Trap

The Chim-Trap again

Chimney trapped raccoons are a good sight to see!

I can see her from the road!

Raccoon ready to be lowered to the ground

Mother raccoon ready to go!



Raccoon ready to be reunited with Babies

Raccoon in trap

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