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Advanced Wildlife Control, LLC Pictures

We enjoy taking pictures of our work and some of the things we come across!


Chimney Raccoon

Chimney Raccoon

Raccon in ChimTrap

Chimney Raccoon

Raccon in Trap

Chimney Raccoon

Happy Clients

Homeowner filming Baby Raccoons

Squirrel in Soffit

Squirrels in Soffits

Seven Squirrels total in this house

5th squirrel into this trap!

Squirrel Hole

Squirrels chewed this hole to get in

Falcon and fish

Interesting picture of a bird and its' prey

Better than pierced ears!

New ear ring fad?

One on each ear would be tacky!

Fad is catching on!

Holding on tight!

Close up of the ear ring

Channel 25 news crew interview about raccoon diseases

Interviewed by WEYI t.v..

Bat Vent, Argentine Michigan

Bat Exclusion

Made her nest underneath a bathtub in the sub-floor

Crawlspace Raccoon

This mother had 5 baby raccoons

Crawlspace Raccoon 

Mother Raccoon

Crawlspace Raccoon

Rat caught by trap before the cat could get it!

A Cat and a Rat!

Mouse trapped

We get some mouse calls.

Raccoon on Curtain Rod

What's he doing up there?!?

Fox Squirrel in Trap    Grand Blanc, Michigan

Squirrel in Trap

Just after Groundhog Day!

Early Spring Groundhog hole

Crawlspace Groundhog - Burton, Michigan

Groundhog Removal

Trapped Woodchuck - Burton, Michigan

Groundhog in Trap

Squirrel in Trap - Clio, Michigan

Squirrel in Trap


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