Animal Damage in Michigan

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Advanced Wildlife Control, LLC Pictures

We enjoy taking pictures of our work and some of the other things we come across!


Bird removed from building

Bird that lived in the next picture

The hole was patched and the birds evicted

Bird entrance

Baby Raccoon on smoke shelf

Baby raccoon in Chimney

Raccoon Babies placed in trap to entice Mom

Raccoon Babies waiting for Mom

Bird Exclusion Work

Bird Exclusion Work 

Bird Nest Removal

Bird Nest Removal from exhaust pipe

Nesting Material

Bird Nesting material

Bird Nest Clog

Another view of the clog

Bird Nest Removal

Bird nesting material that was clogging up an exhaust

Bird Barrier Exhaust Cap Installed

Exhaust cap installed after bird and nest removal

A Common entryway for animals

Gaps in buildings  invite animals to take up residence

Squirrel living in an attic

Squirrel In Attic.

GREAT picture!

Peacock Stranded in a tree

Peacock in a tree

Heading up in a lift to deal with a peacock

Getting ready for a peacock rescue

Peacock Rescue

Peacock Rescue

Happy Client!

She got her bird back!

The one on the right bit me. Quaranteened for three days. No rabies, thankfully!

One of these feral kittens bit me. Can you guess which one?

Bird Damage to soffit vent

Birds tore into this vent to nest

Bird entryway

Another damaged vent.

Bird Nest above an outdoor grill

Bird droppings were ruining the deck

Bird Attack Home Base!

Territorial Birds stopped homeowners from using the deck

Nesting Material

More nesting material

Common Bird Nest

As good as a tree for a nest?

Raccoon Removed before car owner tried driving away!

Raccoon on the driveshaft of a car.


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