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Large Mystery Animal


While setting traps for a groundhog that had been tearing up a Davison resident’s vegetable garden, I received a call from a man that asked if we make emergency calls. I replied that we certainly did, and asked about his emergency. He stated that there was a large animal in his bedroom. I asked about the animal and the only thing he could tell me was that “It is Big!”


As luck may have it, the caller was also from Davison – only five minutes down the road! I put the final touches on the groundhog job and started my journey to the emergency. While driving, I ran through all the possibilities that this could be. I concluded that it must be a big dog or something along that line even though the man said he had no pets.


When I got to the house there was no answer to my knock on the door. I called the homeowner back and he told me to come on in and that he and his family were barricaded up in the bathroom adjacent to the master bedroom. Now my mind was really racing! I put on a heavy carhartt coat and some heavy leather gloves. I brought in with me a live trap, a 24 inch Mag light, a big net, a cat grabber, and a snare pole. I must have been quite a sight! I found the bedroom and talked with the gentleman through the door. I slowly opened the door an inch and peaked in. I saw nothing but my heart was racing. This guy had me excited! I opened the door some more and when I saw nothing again I through all my supplies in and shut the door. I was still on the outside! I listened and heard nothing. I slipped in the room and shut the door behind me. Now it was me against IT – whatever IT is!


I looked all around the room and there were only two places that something “BIG” could be hiding. The closet door was open enough for something big to slip in. Under the bed was another possibility. I opted for the closet. With flashlight in one hand and the net in the other, I opened the door wider. Nothing there! It must be under the bed!

On my belly I felt very vulnerable but I had to be in this position to see what was behind the bed skirting. I slowly moved the skirting up and I immediately had movement! I dropped the skirting and got up on my knees – ready for the charge! It didn’t come. I got back down and slowly lifted the skirting again and this time a vocalized noise startled me. I froze for a second trying to mentally match the noise with an animal. This match game went on for a minute or so when it dawned on me. That was the noise I hear sometimes when I duck hunt! I lifted the skirt up again and there it was – a DUCK!  I reached in and grabbed it with my hand and pulled it out. It was flapping and flopping and making all sorts of weird noises. The family barricaded in the bathroom knew there was a struggle going on as they could hear it all very clearly.


I put the duck in a trap and walked it out to the driveway. I then went back in and rescued the family. To their amazement and the man’s total chagrin, I showed them the animal that had held them at bay. They told me that they heard the noise and really never saw anything but the animal grew bigger as their imaginations went wild.


Upon investigation, the duck had entered the house through the chimney/fireplace. I recommended a chimney cap and they readily agreed. Upon time for payment, I actually received a nice tip on the condition that I don’t tell anyone this story. I can print it for you now because two years later that same man called me about a groundhog problem and asked if I remember him. I told him that I certainly did and that I had upheld our agreement. He told me not to worry about it because his Wife had a great time telling everyone the story! So now the story is out and he has been a repeat customer a few times! And the duck….. I let it go in his driveway and it took to the sky and immediately disappeared over the tree line. I wonder if the duck told the story to her buddies!


Live Trap and Snare Pole                           


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