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There's a Peacock in your Restroom!

For some reason, we get quite a few calls asking us to deal with peacocks. Last week a homeowner had three of them on her back porch that would not leave and were threatening when approached. After dealing with that, I was surprised to get another call today from a business that has a peacock problem! The business is a tanning spa located in a strip mall. Occasionally they open their front and back doors to catch a breeze and cool off the store. Today, while the back door was open, a peacock entered the store and took refuge in the ladies restroom. A woman went to the spa and decided to use the restroom before tanning. She walked through the restroom doorway and turned on the light as she was entering. She was shocked to see that the room was occupied and let out quite a scream! Needless to say, she wasn’t comfortable undressing and tanning after that episode. She left and we got the call! Now that the peacock is gone, I hope she goes back!





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