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  There's a raccoon in my... garage... attic... fireplace.... living room.... car...    We think we have heard it all but there's always a new story that the raccoons provide us each year! Advanced Wildlife Control, LLC handles many raccoon calls throughout the year. The females chase the males away early in the Spring. They go find new homes and we get a call. The females are pregnant and find nice places to nest and we get a call. The females have babies and now people are hearing strange chirping noises and we get a call.

We can remove the raccoons from your property as well!  We will perform the exclusion work that will keep any future raccoons from entering the dwelling. If the animals have caused any damage to your property, we can advise you of the best way to get things back to normal.

  Mother Raccoon from Chimney         www.Advanced-Wildlife-Control.com
Raccoon in an attic                                                               image  Jim Stewart 2006. All Rights Reserved


Raccoon on Deck


  Advanced Wildlife Control, LLC technicians can eliminate your raccoon problem! No pesticides or poisons are ever used. Raccoons are trapped and relocated and the homeowner will be advised on measures that can be taken to eliminate nuisance animal problems in the future.  

Live Trap and Snare Pole                                            www.Advanced-Wildlife-Removal.com

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