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  We are very experienced with squirrels! They contribute to a huge percentage of our calls. One recent call we went on, the family had gone to Florida for three weeks. When they came home the house was trashed! They thought they had been victims of vandals until they surprised a squirrel in the bedroom. The place looked just terrible! The squirrel had knocked things off the walls, chewed holes in doors and helped itself to many of the foods in their pantry! Squirrels love to chew and this one sure did a lot of it! We went home that night with the offending squirrel but the poor homeowners had weeks worth of cleaning and fixing! To find out more about squirrels, click on the picture above.  



Chipmunks are cute but they sure can be a pain to the homeowner. They are burrowers and can cause damage to foundations, stairs and patios. They eat mainly seeds, grains, and nuts but will also devour flower bulbs and even your pet food! Although they are lightning fast, we are quite experienced in eliminating chipmunks. For more chipmunk info, click on the picture above.


  Woodchucks are a farmers nightmare. Homeowners with a nice garden get just as exasperated when a woodchuck moves in and takes one bite out of each vegetable! We trap a lot of groundhogs each year and have many happy customers. We recently got a call from a lady that said she had a groundhog up in her tree! When we arrived it was still up there, eating the leaves! Groundhogs are vegetarians and we present them with baits that they can't wait to get in the trap for! For more info on groundhogs, click on the picture above.



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