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February normally starts our skunk season. The calls start coming in about skunks under decks, in garages, under porches, and in crawl spaces. Occasionally we get calls about skunks that have yogurt cups stuck over their heads!  Although they look rather large, the fur is deceiving. They are opportunistic and will use unoccupied holes from groundhogs and other burrowing animals. Skunks only need a few inches of clearance to enter a space. Advanced Wildlife Control, LLC  technicians are trained to spot areas that skunks can use as dens.

Skunk visiting at night


At  times we get calls after skunks have sprayed near a home or on a pet. Nobody likes that smell! If your pet gets sprayed, give us a call and we can tell you exactly what to do to eliminate that odor! Our Wildlife Control technicians are happy to help with your skunk situation.                                                                                             


Skunks are our favorite animals to control!

Skunk investigating a hallway







Skunks normally have three to five Babies each year. These little guys are awful cute and are generally can be seen poking around near the den entrance while they wait for Mom to get ready to come out.

Skunk Advanced Wildlife Control  The babies magically discover that they can spray and sometimes do it just to show that they can! We trust adult skunks far more than the adolescents!

Skunk looking for grubs


Skunks will eat a huge variety of foods. They will dig  around and tear up lawns looking for grubs. They will eat your pet's food and they will tear into your trash.



  Advanced Wildlife Control technicians can eliminate your skunk problem! No pesticides or poisons are ever used. Skunks are trapped and relocated and the homeowner will be advised on measures that can be taken to eliminate nuisance animal problems in the future.  







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We recently received a call from a homeowner in Flushing Michigan. She had set out a trap to try to catch a raccoon and wound up catching a skunk! She was afraid that the skunk would spray her dog and wanted us to take it away. We were able to transfer the skunk from her live trap to our trap and remove it from her yard. A man in Grand Blanc called us with the same problem except the skunk had already sprayed his dog. We took his skunk away as well and helped him with the huge odor problem that his dog had. Many of the skunks in Flint live under porches and sheds. These skunks and their babies can easily be trapped and taken away, solving your skunk problem! We will also advise the homeowner of solutions so that they don't have to worry about skunks living in their backyard again! We are located in Swartz Creek, Michigan and remove and control skunks in Genesee, Shiawassee and Lapeer County.

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