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Do you take Care of Spiders?

One day we received a call from a thirty year old woman in Flint. She asked, “ Do you take care of spiders?” I explained that we do Wildlife Control work and that bugs and insects are pest control duties. She said she had called all the pest companies in the area and that nobody could come out right away. She said there was a spider blocking her way to the laundry room and it had to go NOW!


I suggested that perhaps a neighbor might be able to help her out. She could not get anyone to help.

After discussing the price, she was almost begging for someone to come help her. I shrugged and wrote the job up.


When I got to her house she said that she would go halfway down the stairs to point it out but would be headed back up the stairs. I was able to catch the spider in a small Tupperware container. It was about the size of a quarter and had built a web across the top of the doorway to the laundry room. She didn’t want to see it and wanted it dead! I assured her that she would never see this spider again and headed for the truck.


Later that day my Wife got into my truck to get some items. She saw her Tupperware container and curiously picked it up to take it inside. Figuring that I must have had a snack on the road, she opened the top and out ran that spider! My Wife is not scared of spiders but I sure heard about this one! And for some reason… it is all my fault that she was startled!





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