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  Advanced Wildlife Control, LLC technicians are highly experienced with squirrel removal. We've removed squirrels from attics, garages, basements, soffits, fireplaces, and chimneys! When squirrels get into your home, they can do an incredible amount of damage in a short time. They love to chew and they don't discriminate between nuts and wires! Squirrels are fast and stealthy when they have to be. They are very smart. Most insurance companies do not cover "Rodent" damage. If you see a squirrel on your roof or in a space that it normally wouldn't be, call us before the damage occurs!  

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Squirrell #4 from this hole in the roof!

Notice the hole they chewed in the house's roof

  Advanced Wildlife Control, LLC technicians can eliminate your squirrel problem! No pesticides or poisons are ever used. Squirrels are trapped and relocated and the homeowner will be advised on measures that can be taken to eliminate nuisance animal problems in the future.  

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