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Pigeon Roost


Bats hanging from the ceiling


Bird Control


We get several calls each year from homeowners and businesses that have a pigeon problem. These birds create quite a mess with their droppings. The nests that they build are unsightly and the birds can pose certain health hazards. Whether it's one pigeon or one thousand, Advanced Wildlife Control is ready to get the pigeons out of your life! For more pigeon information, click on the picture above.



Bats do wonderful things when they are out and about. When they are in your home though, it's a different matter! Nobody likes being awakened at 2 a.m. with a bat flitting by their face. We are ready to come remove that bat from your house! Bats sometimes colonize in walls and attics. If you have a single bat in your living quarters, there is a great chance that you are hosting a bat colony! Let us perform an inspection and let you know what the situation is. We remove hundreds of bats each year from homes, attics, and walls. This is done without chemicals or harm to the bats! For more information on bats in Michigan, click on the picture above.



Birds are nice when they build their nests in trees but when they decide to invade your house it is a different matter. We are called often to remove birds that have gotten in and cannot get out. We have removed untold amounts of nesting material and bird droppings. If you are having problems with birds, please give us a call and we will help you  too!


Give our Wildlife Technicians a call right now to set up an appointment!

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