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Here's a story from one of the Advanced Wildlife Control Technicians that happened a few years ago.

First Squirrel

Advanced Wildlife Control was having a very good year and I expressed interest in learning and helping out. I went on several calls with an experienced Wildlife Technician from Advanced Wildlife Control and learned something new on each job! One night I got a phone call asking if I could help out. There was a family that had a squirrel in their living room and everyone was out doing bat work. I reluctantly agreed to solo on this job.


I arrived at the house and the man and woman were so relieved to see me. I brought with me a five gallon bucket with heavy gloves, a flashlight, and a cat grabber inside. I had a small hand net in the other hand. They pointed out the squirrel sitting on their end table in the living room. They said that it keeps running around the room whenever they start to get remotely close. I decided that the hand net was going to be my best bet and that I would trap the squirrel in the bucket with the net. I emptied the bucket contents and approached the squirrel. I put the bucket down about two feet from the end table. The squirrel shifted to the opposite end of the end table. I walked around to the other side of the table to meet the squirrel head on. Just then as I got close, the squirrel took one huge leap away from me and landed right in the bucket! I threw the net over the bucket and ushered the squirrel outside. After securing the squirrel in a cage, I went back in to collect the fee. As the Wife handed me the check, she said, ďSee Bill, that is why we let the professionals do it! You chased it all over the living room and didnít know what you were doing! He had it all sized up the moment he walked in the door!Ē  I was terribly relieved that things went my way but never told the folks that I was still apprenticing. Iíve done many squirrel jobs since that year, but I have never forgotten this womanís confidence in me!


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